Our impact

FOHA believes that to empower a girl is to empower a whole village and targeting adolescent girls is the key to socio-economic stability and reducing inequality

Fortress of Hope Africa (FOHA) is an adolescent health and rights organization founded to empower and bridge the gap of adolescent girls’ exclusion in the community. Using human rights framework and gender perspective, FOHA seek to promote social and economic status of girls’ through promoting; access to quality health including sexual and reproductive health services and information, and sexual rights , quality education, leadership and economic skills .

We work with most at risk girls in and out of school, sex workers, living with HIV/AIDS, with disability, in distress and survivors of sexual and gender based violence living in Kenya

FOHA, therefore, promotes the adolescent girls and women rights through;


Okoa Wasichana Wetu ( Safe our girls ) project

The Project aims at building the capacity of most at risk girls aged 11-21 years in sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV/AIDS, life skills and financial literacy. The skills have increased the girls’ confidence to seek sexual and reproductive health services and Information hence reducing teenage pregnancies, reducing risky sexual behaviors, increased health seeking behaviors, acquiring bodily autonomy, increasing knowledge on SRHR, ability to make informed choices and mobilizing the community for action on issues affecting girls . Also it has enabled girls acquire economic skills; saving, credit, banking, initiating and managing small businesses.

Building Adolescent Girls’ economic skills project

A Very High Proportion of girls will be sole supporters of themselves and dependent children at some point in their lives. The likelihood of this is greatest for girls who come from poor families (Bottom 40%) and who are married/bear children under the age of 20. The numbers are not small and the consequences are significant. Failing to invest in these girls is, in effect, planned poverty.

Building Adolescent Girls’ Economic Skills project integrated economic empowerment and skills building on financial literacy, assets building and social entrepreneurship enabling them to create a culture of saving ,talent building and development and, initiate their own individual or collective businesses. The project training and support girls ages 11-21 years on Financial Management, Business Development ,social entrepreneurship and resource mobilization.

Community action and Advocacy Project

We build adolescent girls’ grassroots advocacy ,leadership and management skills through encouraging and supporting girls-led initiatives . Through community advocacy , girls have taken lead in highlighting sexual and gender based violence by mobilizing the community for action ,example is Community advocacy to end Gang Rapes, defilement and domestic violence in Dandora and Kayole dubbed “Kuchotwa Ni Rape Campaign ” Kuchotwa is a local Name for Gang rape .A team of 15 girls designs and implements the campaign, organizing a series of community advocacy aimed at creating awareness on Teen Gang Rape. Through collaboration with other local organizations ,local authorities leaders and the Media, they have organized 3 campaigns and got highlight of the media. The campaign has informed the government to act on rape in Dandora slums, pressure teen disco owners in Nairobi not to serve alcohol to anyone under 21 years and ask for accountability from the disco owners to protect their teen customers

Watch video here

Kuchotwa ni rape Campaign

Safe choice Project

The Safe Choice project seeks to improve maternal health by reducing maternal mortality and morbidity through grassroots SRHR advocacy among the most vulnerable girls and building the capacity of health service providers. Young women and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion in Kenya. Nearly 40% of unmarried women aged 15–24 have had premarital sex, and more than one in seven are sexually active. Of these young sexually active, unmarried women, only 30% use a modern method of contraception, and as a result, the large

proportions that use no method or a traditional method but do not want to have a child are at high risk of unintended pregnancy.

Girls leadership and development project

Youth Leadership Development Program is a platform for girls alumnae of the Okoa wasichana wetu and other projects to become community advocates and youth Mentors in their community .The project provide them with a unique opportunity to create and follow through on leadership initiatives of their own making. Each of the following programs was created and is run by an individual graduate.

Health is wealth; This project was initiated to equip school girls with health, personal hygiene and sanitation information, as well as provide information on how and where girls can access health services for sexual and reproductive diseases and infection. Being implemented in 10 schools, 100 girls most need from Dandora and Kayole receive a pack of sanitary pad monthly and meet once month for SR, sanitation group discussions and strategizing.

Inspired by the idea that when you are healthy you are strong enough to produce emotional, spiritual and financial wealth, the goals of the project are to initiate in both primary and secondary schools, emphasizing the importance of health and hygiene. Health is Wealth fundraises throughout boarding schools for girls to donate sanitary towels for girls from less fortunate families. The project also lobbies for support to reduce the discrimination of girls who try to access health services and for sanitary conditions within the health centers themselves.

Save a Girl; TInitiated in 2007, Save a Girl was created to equip younger adolescents’ between the ages of eleven through fourteen with sexual reproductive health, life skills and HIV/AIDS information. Funded by the We are Family Foundation (WFF), the main objective is to ensure younger adolescents don’t engage in sexual activity at an early age, to promote behavior change, offer safe spaces and create networks for the girls.

Dance & Theatre Program (GB Crew); Formed by alumnae of FOHA in year 2010, the group generates income for its members through performance art. Also using creative expression to forward their message of sexual and reproductive health and rights, the dance and theatre project allow participants to perform in a variety of venues including conferences, street performances & skits as well as competitions that enhance their drive and leadership skills.