Our GOAL is to create an environment where adolescent girls can discover as a community, their capacities and potential, achieve self-value, self-actualization and acquiring bodily autonomy and knowledge to make informed choices as measured by health seeking behavior, access to quality education, economic security, control over their bodies and health.

We focus on following Sustainable Development Goal (SDG’s )

Goal 1. Ending poverty in all its forms everywhere.
Goal 2. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages
Goal 3. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
Goal 4. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


Quality Education for Girls.

The Program works with most at risk girls to promote access to quality education through initiatives that creates safe spaces for girls, support girls to stay and excel in school and encourage girls to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
FOHA works with schools in Dandora, Kariobangi, Korogocho, Kayole, Mukuru, Mathare and Babadogo Slums with approximately 700 girls and 300 boys through:

  1. School Outreach Projects (SOP)- SOP Project is implemented in 15 schools in Kayole and Dandora slums.
  2. Girls in STEM is a Pilot Project that encourages most risk and girls from poor families to pursue STEM, be leaders and excel in life.
  3. My voice Project (MVP) goal is to create safe spaces for girls in schools and communities, and end sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) in schools. The project works with 8 schools in Mukuru slums through
  4. Reach Hub - Every year, on average, 7-10 girls’ members of FOHA graduate from Primary or Secondary schools. 80% of the graduates get below average scores. Girls who get below average rarely continue with their education as many parents don’t see the need to invest in a failing girls when the resources are not even there. This issue has become a concern to the organization hence the Initiation of Reach Hub Project. Reach Hub is a Pilot project that will seek to improve literacy and numeracy level of our most at risk girls from slums of Dandora or/and Kayole. Registered members will be linked with Volunteer tutors for an interactive educational activities that compliment classroom learning. Participants’ current level of skills and Knowledge will determine what level they will begin getting assistance. The goal is to compliment girls’ knowledge need and prepare them for a better performance in Mathematic and Sciences.


Girls Health and Rights Program

    2. Girls Health and Rights Program
  • Okoa Wasichana Wetu ( Safe our girls ) project
    The Project create safe spaces and builds capacity of most at risk girls aged 11-17 years in sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV/AIDS, life skills and financial literacy. The skills have increased the girls’ confidence to seek sexual and reproductive health services and Information hence reducing teenage pregnancies, reducing risky sexual behaviors, increased health seeking behaviors, acquiring bodily autonomy, increasing knowledge on SRHR, ability to make informed choices and mobilizing the community for action on issues affecting girls. Since 2006 the project has reached to approximately 860 girls from Mathare, Kayole and Dandora.
  • Safe choice Project
    The Safe Choice project seeks to improve maternal health by reducing maternal mortality and morbidity through grassroots SRHR advocacy among the most vulnerable girls and building the capacity of health service providers. Young women and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion in Kenya. Nearly 40% of unmarried women aged 15–24 have had premarital sex, and more than one in seven are sexually active. Of these young sexually active, unmarried women, only 30% use a modern method of contraception, and as a result, the large proportions that use no method or a traditional method but do not want to have a child are at high risk of unintended pregnancy. Since 2010, the project has reached to 1562 girls from Mathare, Dandora, Mukuru and Dandora , and 195 local health providers and 50 young men.
  • Mhealth
    Lola Sue Hotline: Call Or SMS 0736512512 , 0724512512 , 0756512512
    Sue Hotline is a hotline which provides reliable, safe and confidential information on SRHR. The hotline is not a counseling or medical service. All the information provided by the hotline is public and based on objective research of the World Health Organization (WHO). The right and freedom to share and receive information is protected by Kenyan constitution and human rights conventions. Sue Hotline ensures SRHR information gets directly to those who need it, in a confidential and reliable way. Most Kenyans do not have easy access to the internet and rely more on mobile phone use, especially the populations with the greatest unmet need for reliable sexual and reproductive health information. Sue Hotline breaks communication and cultural barriers to spread important life-saving information. The hotline has reaches to on average 30 women and girls a month


Girls economic skills and entrepreneurship.

A Very High Proportion of girls will be sole supporters of themselves and dependent children at some point in their lives. The likelihood of this is greatest for girls who come from poor families (Bottom 40%) and who are married/bear children under the age of 20. The numbers are not small and the consequences are significant. Failing to invest in these girls is, in effect, planned poverty. Building Adolescent Girls’ Economic Skills project integrated economic empowerment and skills building on financial literacy, assets building and social entrepreneurship enabling them to create a culture of saving, innovation, talent building and development and, initiate their own individual or collective businesses.
The project has training and support 200 girls’ ages 11-21 years on Financial Management, Business Development, social entrepreneurship and resource mobilization.


Girls leadership and Mentorship Program

The goal is the program is to Increase girls’ participation in spaces where key decisions are made in all levels of development a. Girls’ Building Bridges Initiative: The project aims at Increasing Young women Participation in spaces where key women health and health decisions are made. We implement and support interventions for girls by girls to position them in Local and National spaces where policies makes/stakeholders meet to discuss and make policies that affect them b. East Africa Young Women’s Leadership and Mentorship Initiative – an initiative to strengthen young women’s leadership in East Africa. Global Fund for Women is partnering with Akilli Dada in an innovative initiative in East Africa. The overarching goal is to create a cadre of young c. Women leaders in Kenya and Tanzania with enhanced conceptual clarity, strategic vision, and organizing capacity to strengthen their organizations and build movements d. Alumnae Initiatives: Alumnae Initiatives is a platform for girl’s alumnae of the Okoa wasichana wetu and other projects to become community advocates and youth Mentors in their community .The project provide them with a unique opportunity to create and follow through on leadership initiatives of their own making.

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